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The Higher Tour seeks to boldly proclaim the gospel to young people and see them supported and encouraged as they start their journey of faith.

Dynamic engagement in schools

Our missions teams work in schools taking lessons and assemblies, drawing on our 25-year history of representing the Christian faith clearly and authentically in an educational context.

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High-energy evangelistic gigs

These are events perfect for inviting young people and their friends. They feature a clear presentation of the gospel and an opportunity to respond and be connected to a church.

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Partnership with the local church

The local church is at the heart of the Higher Tour. We long to see young people engaged in a healthy Christian community as they begin their journey of discipleship.

After a young person makes a decision to follow Christ during the Higher Tour, our goal is that they would be quickly connected with a youth worker from one of our partner churches.

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Cutting-edge discipleship

We’ve developed a suite of resources perfect for churches and youth groups. The Higher App helps young people engage with Higher Sessions, while the Higher Bible helps them to engage with the word of God.

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1 – 12 OCTOBER 2018


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5 – 23 November 2018

South Wales

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