The Higher Tour is an initiative of The Message Trust. The Message has been working in schools, prisons and communities for more than 25 years, sharing the hope that faith in Jesus Christ brings.

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How God has changed lives

Read about how God has changed lives through the Higher Tour.

A young girl who was part of CLM brought her Catholic friend to the Coventry gig night. Her friend responded to the gospel and was handed her response bags with the bible in, and she could not believe that she had a copy of the bible for herself! In her house the bible was up on a shelf, used more like a piece of art/family heirloom that was not to be touched.

We had a group of young people come and talk to one of the team in Birmingham who said they have been in a school day in Solihull. Obviously curious why they decided to come to the Birmingham event they told us that 2 of them had gone to Solihull and made a response. They had then gone home, found out where they could go to get more and convinced their friends to come with them. Their friends all made responses to the gospel and they were telling the team on Friday in Birmingham clutching response bags.

Enable (our new disability focused mission team on people with seen and unseen disabilities) team leader John Williams joined Amongst Wolves on a schools day. They had a great day doing music and sharing with people with disabilities. One of the young
people came to the event in Coventry and made a response to the Gospel. This is our first young person with disabilities that we know about making a commitment though Higher!