Higher Bible

The Higher Bible is a pocket-sized, full copy of the New Living Translation (NLT) with 20 pages of brand new, specially commissioned articles introducing the big story of scripture and showing how it relates to our lives.

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Higher Sessions & Leaders Guide

Higher Sessions is an all-new media-based discipleship resource aimed at young people who have just started their journey as a Christian. Using the latest technology and integrating music and video, Higher Sessions seek to establish strong foundations of faith in young people’s lives.

They go through a six-week plan, following on from a response to the gospel at a Higher event.

Higher Sessions are designed to be run by a youth leader, engaging with young people on the foundations of the decision they’ve made to follow Jesus. Youth leaders are best placed to engage with the young person and start helping them on their first steps of relationship with God.

The Sesssions are accessible to be run both in schools and in a youth group setting. Video content for the sessions are coming soon.

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Schools Pack

We’ve put together a handy PDF guide to our schools work. In it, you’ll find a more detailed exploration of what we offer, who our teams are and how what we do fits with the OFSTED Inspection Framework. To see schools packs for the regional Higher missions, please see our Schools page.

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Higher App & Web Portal

The Higher App serves to help young people find partner churches quickly and easily, where they’ll be able to engage with Higher Sessions – twelve sessions focused on unpacking the Christian faith and exploring how it applies to everyday life.

The Higher App will also come with an online Portal for youth leaders. Using the portal, you will be able to update your church and youth group details, and schedule higher sessions.

There is a small charge of £15 when you sign into the portal. This is to ensure the App is well maintained and remains free to the young people using it.

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The Sound of Higher

Listen to the Sound of Higher, a Spotify playlist that highlights all the music from the ground-breaking teams involved in the Higher Tours around the nation. This is where you’ll hear the latest music from our teams as well as all the songs from their previous albums and work.


Higher Manual

The Higher manual is the guide to everything you need to know about when a tour comes to your area.

From how to book a school, what does a schools day look like,  how does response at a gig work and how you can get involved.


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