Our teams engage with your school through assemblies and lessons. We carefully plan all our schools days in collaboration. The core of our work is delivering high-quality thought-provoking and memorable lessons tied to Key Stage 3 and 4 learning outcomes in RE. We use relevant teaching styles, engaging activities and the creative arts to explore the aspects of the Christian faith.

Where possible we aim to see the whole school over the course of the day. Our 27 years of experience tells us that the best way to achieve this is to move off-timetable if possible, ideally engaging with whole year groups at a time in a shared space such as a school hall. Our teams have been trained to deliver thought-provoking lessons, connecting to and enhancing your PSE or RE syllabuses.

All our teams offer three lessons:
• Where is the love? – Prejudice and discrimination
• I’m still standing – Resilience and wellbeing
• This is me – Identity and purpose

Our assemblies can follow the same theme or we can tailor our presentation to suit you.

We seek to be professional, memorable, collaborative and flexible in the way that we work with schools – and best of all, it’s free of charge for partnering schools.

Our history in schools

Since the early 1990s, The Message Trust has been working in schools to present the Christian faith to young people through creative arts. We now have multiple teams that visit and partner with schools, offering thought-provoking lessons and performances using music and theatre.

Raising the aspirations of young people is a privilege and is something we aim to do through all our work. We regularly see young people who thought they didn’t have anything to say finding their voice; or those who were wrestling with negative behaviours and thought patterns realising that there is a different story available to the one they are living.


During each schools’day, we make sure that every student that we are in front of receives a parents’ letter that explains about the tour and the work in schools, as well as relevant information about events and ticketing for that region.
If you have any questions as a parent please get in touch with our team here

What Schools Have Said

  • "The week they spent in school was excellent. Their energy, enthusiasm, commitment, faith and professionalism were immediately apparent."
    Vincent Ryder, Acting Curriculum Leader for RE at North Chadderton School
  • "‘I recommend them to all of my colleagues."
    Dave Butt, Deputy Head, Trinity High School, Manchester
  • "These are 'real life' Christians talking about their faith… pupils were engaged and focused. A positive input without alienating non-Christian children. You made our pupils feel valued by listening and taking an interest in who they are."
    Ann Robinson, Head of RE at Hathershaw College of Technology and Sport
  • "Very professional – in assemblies, lessons and around the school. We would welcome you back anytime!"
    Mr G J Ward, Headteacher, Macclesfield High School
  • "The higher tour has enabled the students to get in touch with the most important things in life in a relevant and engaging manner."
    Matt Morgan, Assistant Head, John Henry Newman Catholic College
  • "An opportunity not to be missed! Energetic, engaging and relevant... Our students were shocked that Christians could be so cool!"
    Rachel Calvert, Head of RE, Colton Hills Community School

Schools' Packs

We’ve put together a handy PDF guide to our schools’ work. In it, you’ll find a more detailed exploration of what we offer, who are some of our teams and how what we do fits with the relevant inspection framework.

Select your region Download schools pack

Find out more about our work in schools

Get in touch with the Higher team to find out more about our work in schools and how you can book your local school.